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Stewards Schedule

Please see the latest schedules for members to carry out their green duty. If you cannot attend for your scheduled duty period, please ensure that you arrange a mutually agreed exchange with another member.

November 2017

10.00 to 12.30 12.30 to 3.00 3.00 to 5.30
Wednesday 1st Dave Griffiths Fred Cadman Malcolm Hamling
Thursday 2nd Shirley & Ivan Joan Cadman Ray Henderson
Friday 3rd Roll Up Huw Bolsdon Ann Jenkinson
Saturday 4th Barry Staniland Philip Bowden Christine Lacy
Sunday 5th Roll Up Sheila Bowden Peter Lowrie
Monday 6th Friendly Jim Campbell Anne Markwick
Tuesday 7th Roll Up Rod Chorlton Ronnie McCall
Wednesday 8th Maria Staniland Alex Chrystall Val Merrey
Thursday 9th Shirley & Ivan Liz Cresswell John Merrey
Friday 10th Roll Up/Friendly Bob Cross Edna Miller
Saturday 11th Friendly Margaret Chapman Peter Milligan
Sunday 12th Roll Up Richard Chapman Jim Moss
Monday 13th Lynn Webb Friendly Dave Webb
Tuesday 14th Roll Up Ray Cutts Trudy McCall
Wednesday 15th Glynne Tabreham John Davie Sue Mount
Thursday 16th Shirley & Ivan Penny Davie Rita Mulhall
Friday 17th Roll Up Christine Daws Tom Mulhall
Saturday 18th Yvonne Veitch Carol Deadman Val Nicholls
Sunday 19th Roll Up Yves Delafontaine Billy Nicholls
Monday 20th Brian Watson Tony Down Blue O'Neill
Tuesday 21st Roll Up Tony Edwards Bill Shepherd
Wednesday 22nd David Wesson Christine Edwards Kath Piper-Brown
Thursday 23rd Shirley & Ivan Gill Ford Charles Parr
Friday 24th Roll Up Terry Ford Jim Preston
Saturday 25th Rob Archer Dorothy Gibbons Pamela Shire
Sunday 26th Olive Press
Monday 27th Olive Press
Tuesday 28th Olive Press
Wednesday 29th Hazel Bagshaw John Gibbons Roger Shire
Thursday 30th Shirley & Ivan David Girling Barry Smith

If you cannot attend for your scheduled duty period, please ensure that you arrange a mutually agreed exchange with another member.

December 2017

10.00 to 12.30 12.30 to 3.00 3.00 to 5.30
Friday 1 Roll Up Peter Lowrie Colin Smith
Saturday 2 Yves Delafontaine Anne Markwick Beverly Smith
Sunday 3 Roll Up Rita Mulhall Barry Staniland
Monday 4 David Girling Tom Mulhall Maria Staniland
Tuesday 5 Roll Up Val Merrey Bob Cross
Wednesday 6 Tony Edwards John Merrey Glynne Tabreham
Thursday 7 Shirley & Ivan Peter Milligan Yvonne Veitch
Friday 8 Roll Up Jim Moss Brian Watson
Saturday 9 Christine Edwards Val Nicholls Lynn Webb
Sunday 10 Roll Up Billy Nicholls Dave Webb
Monday 11 Gill Ford Sue Mount David Wesson
Tuesday 12 Roll Up Ronnie McCall Rob Archer
Wednesday 13 Terry Ford Trudy McCall Hazel Bagshaw
Thursday 14 Dorothy Gibbons Colin Smith Huw Bolsdon
Friday 15 Roll Up Beverly Smith Philip Bowden
Saturday 16 John Gibbons Blue O'Neill Sheila Bowden
Sunday 17 Roll Up Bill Shepherd Fred Cadman
Monday 18 Tony Down Kath Piper-Brown Joan Cadman
Tuesday 19 Roll Up Yvonne Veitch Jim Campbell
Wednesday 20 Dave Griffiths Pamela Shire Margaret Chapman
Thursday 21 Ann Jenkinson Roger Shire Richard Chapman
Friday 22 Roll Up Jim Preston Rod Chorlton
Saturday 23 Malcolm Hamling Barry Staniland Alex Chrystall
Sunday 24 Roll Up Charles Parr Liz Cresswell
Monday 25 Green Closed Green Closed Green Closed
Tuesday 26 Green Closed Green Closed Green Closed
Wednesday 27 Ray Henderson Maria Staniland Ray Cutts
Thursday 28 Friendly Barry Smith John Davie
Friday 29 Roll Up Glynne Tabreham Penny Davie
Saturday 30 Christine Lacy Brian Watson Christine Daws
Sunday 31 Roll Up Lynn Webb Carol Deadman