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1. The name of the Association shall be – Coral Bay Bowls Association.

2. For the purposes of recognition by Sporting Bodies, the General Public, and also for administrative purposes, Coral Bay Bowls Association will be referred to as “Coral Bay Bowls Club(CBBC)”

3. The address of the Association is 38 Panayias Agritiotissas, Peyia, 8560, Paphos.

4. The aims of the Association  shall be to promote, foster and encourage the game of Bowls in Cyprus, in a convivial and friendly environment, and to support Bowls Cyprus and World Bowls Ltd.

5. In pursuing the aims of the Association, its Members and Officials will abide by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus at all times.

6. The Association shall be funded by the Membership Fees and any profits arising from various activities held in pursuit of the aims of the Association.

7. The Association Rules may be altered as required by a majority vote on an Agenda Item by a proposal at a General Meeting of the Association.

8. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not earlier than 12th May, but no later than the 28th June each year. 

9. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held within 14 days of receipt of a valid motion supported by 10% of the Membership, but no less than (5) five Members.

10. The business of the Association shall be conducted by means of Monthly Meetings at which all fully paid up Members are entitled to attend and vote.  Non Members may be invited to attend for specific items, but will not be entitled to vote.

11. Decisions at Meetings will be on a simple majority.  However, a Member entitled to attend and vote at a General Meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote instead of him/her, providing they are an Association Member.  Any proxy must be lodged in writing with the Secretary at least 48 hours prior to the Meeting.

 12. Monetary expenditure which is not required for the day to day business of the club must be approved at the monthly meetings. However should there be an urgent requirement for unforeseen expenditure before the next monthly meeting the Treasurer has the authority to spend up to €100.




1. The Association shall be called Coral Bay Bowls Association, and the green will be at 38 Panayias Agritiotissas, Peyia 8560, Paphos.

2.  In accordance with Coral Bay Bowls Association Constitution Paragraph 2, the Association shall be   known  as “Coral Bay Bowls Club (CBBC).

3. The Association shall embrace an equal opportunities policy encompassing all aspects of this initiative.

4. In the unlikely event that the Association be dissolved, all assets at the time will be sold, and the proceeds donated to charity, together with any monies held by the Association after debts are paid. The dissolution of the Association to be decided by a majority vote made by no less than 60% of Members.

5. In respect of Members Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and Annual General Meetings, a quorum of 25% of the Members will be required.


a)         Association colours shall be orange, blue and white.

b)         Association logo shall be that of Coral Bay Bowls Club.

c)         Association Days apparel shall be white tops and smart casual shirts, skirts, shorts or trousers.  Jeans, beachwear and running shorts are not acceptable.

d)         Matches and Competitions apparel shall be all white or Association colours described above, as designated.

e)         Regulation flat-soled footwear shall be worn at all times on the green.


f)           New Members should be proposed by, and seconded by, an Association Member and approved at the next Members Monthly Meeting.

g)         Once approved at the monthly meeting, all new members will be required to complete a three month probationary period.  At the end of the three months the Working Group will review the application and will recommend at the next monthly meeting whether the member should be granted permanent membership, or not.

h)         There shall be a one off Joining Fee of 10 Euros.  The Membership Fee shall be 20 Euros per annum, or any other amount as decided by the Membership at a properly convened Meeting, to be paid to the Association Treasurer annually.  Green Fees may be paid only by annual subscription, or pro-rata if agreed by the facility owner, in consultation with the Association.  Annual subscription allows 7 day access subject to rink availability. 

i)           Any person wishing to join the Association who has had little or no bowling experience will attend training sessions carried out by a CBBA qualified coach until such time as they are deemed experienced enough to join in a roll up, at that point they will be eligible to submit an application to join CBBA.  An experienced bowler will be assessed by the Vice Chairman and if their standard of play is acceptable they will be able to apply for membership, if not acceptable then they will attend training sessions as above.

j)           Any Member wishing to resign from the Association should notify the Secretary in writing.  No refund of  Association subscriptions will be made, and it is up to the facility owner how they deal with any refund of green fees.

k)         Members of CBBA may not simultaneously belong to any other Cyprus Bowls Club or Association


               l)           The facility owner, on a monthly basis, must be notified by a member of the Events Group of pre-arranged matches or events to be held at CBBA/Neos.

m)       The Association Members, on a daily basis, are responsible for ensuring visitors have paid green fees, have the regulation footwear and are suitably attired.

n)         Association Members are responsible for securing the green at close of play.

o)         All Members must fulfil the requirement to carry out Steward Duties as laid out in each monthly schedule.


p)         The Association shall play on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.  Winter and Summer times to be agreed at a Members Monthly Meeting.

q)         In the event of inclement weather or other fixtures arranged, these times and days may be altered at the discretion of the members.


r)          The games shall be played according to the rules laid down by World Bowls, unless local variations apply.

s)          There shall be no running on the green.

t)           Smoking inside the perimeter of the green is not permitted.

u)         Mobile telephones should be switched off when inside the green perimeter.

v)         No food or drinks shall be consumed within the confines of the green except in circumstances cleared by the facility owner; however, water may be drunk on the surrounds of the green but not on the rinks.


w)       Should any Members have a complaint or grievance, in the first instance it should be raised with the Chairman, who will investigate the matter with the Vice Chairman plus two independently co-opted Members.  If the matter cannot be resolved, it will be referred to the next Members Monthly Meeting.  Disciplinary matters will be dealt with by the same process.  Members will have the right to appeal.

x)         Members will be expected to play with any other Association Member.


      All Officers to be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall remain in office for a period of one year to provide continuity.

             y)         Chairperson – Whose duties will be to chair the Members Monthly Meetings and co-ordinate the activities of the Association, deal with complaints and discipline and to represent the Association  as appropriate.

z)         Vice Chairperson – To carry out the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence.  To liaise with the Greenkeeper and put forward any issues at Working Group Meetings as appropriate.  To assess experienced bowlers who apply for membership to CBBA.

aa)     The Treasurer – Will be responsible for income and expenditure and shall present the Association  Accounts to the A.G.M.

bb)     The Association Secretary – Will be responsible for all Minutes of Meetings, correspondence domestic and foreign, and maintaining Membership lists.

cc)      There will be a Team Selection Committee and a Friendly Match Teams Selection Committee which will be elected at the AGM.  Spouses/Partners should not serve together on these Committees.

dd)     Officers to be elected at the A.G.M. Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Association Secretary, Greenkeeper, Fixtures Secretary, Club Competitions Secretary, Social Secretary, Bowls Cyprus Delegates and Bowls Cyprus Match Committee Delegates.

ee)      There will be an Events Group which will be made up of the Competitions Secretary, Social Secretary and Fixtures Secretary.

ff)         The Working Group will be seven Members to consist of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Association Secretary, the Fixtures Secretary plus a member of the Team Selection Committee and a member of the Events Group.  These latter two members will be appointed by their own Committee/Group.

gg)     The purpose of the Working Group is to evaluate proposals or issues and present the options, with or without recommendations, to the members at the monthly meeting.


Amended November 2019


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